Для осіб з порушенням зору


Scientific activity ‒

compulsory and integral part of higher education. Educational science as a basic and connecting link in the system of "learning, research, innovation" implements the following main functions: innovative (creates new knowledge that is the basis of innovation) and cognitive (student participation in research improves the quality of their training).

Scientific work at the College promotes the integration of scientific achievements and innovations into the educational process, is aimed at scientific support of educational programs. In order to organize, control and coordinate scientific activities and implement its results in the educational process and practice, a SCIENTIFIC SECTOR has been created.

The main tasks of the SCIENTIFIC SECTOR are:

  • interaction with the departments of the College on project and research activity, as well as the practice of students;
  • generalization of proposals and formation of recommendations for improving educational programs;
  • promoting the activation of the publishing activity of the College's researchers, first of all, in authoritative international and national publications;
  • constant monitoring of scientific and pedagogical employees’ publications of articles;
  • introduction of innovative research-based learning technologies;
  • strengthening work to involve students in research at all levels. Execution of atypical research tasks during internships;
  • involvement of students in scientific discussion on problematic topical issues, gaining skills of active communication, conflict-free communication, public speaking;
  • organizing research or research-related activities and innovations to develop students’ critical and creative worldviews that will enable them to find new solutions to new challenges;
  • recognition of the establishment and activity of the Council of Young Scientists and Student Scientific Societies as expedient and fully supported.